Monday, February 4, 2008

The Perfect Friday...

I can't remember the last time there was 6 feet of fresh snow on the mountains and the roads were clear and safe to go skiing. It was just too tempting, so I called off sick from work on Friday and suited up in my skigarb for a day on the slopes. I stopped by starbucks and got a latte for the road and to my delight thier credit card machine was broken: I only had $2 cash so they gave me my $4.30 latte for $2 - SCORE!

Then I went on Jack in the Box for a delicious breakfast jack... mmm it was the perfect breakfast on the run.

So I rounded the bend to the mountain and below bird blue skies I saw a glimpse of heaven; all three sides to Mountain High packed with fluffy white powder, groomed to perfection and plenty of parking. I snapped on my boots and got one of the best full days of skiing in EVER.


3Leonards said...

Beautiful snow!!

Lee Jones said...

I love JitB. And I think of you when I see those snow-capped mountains. Glad you had fun!