Saturday, March 22, 2008

Everything Wrong and Easter...

I got this ad in the mail yesterday and I can't stop thinking about it.

EVERYTHING is wrong in this picture - first of all the mom and daughter are sitting in a very strange pose together - honestly who sits like that with their children, second what is the mom looking at? And C why is the daughter drinking a glass of water on their fake grass? And finally why is there a suggestion to let good ole' fido sit on the grass below the creepy mom and daughter. If he takes a poo on the fake grass it probably won't come out, and it's not like you can hose it off like real grass... WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING!

Well enough of that - tomorrow is Easter and I am SO JAZZED! I love Resurrection day! Probably the only Sunday of the year I wear a tie to church, I cant wait to see all the kids dressed up in their "Easter best" We are going to dye the 100 eggs I just boiled before bed (yawn), hear a story and sing... should be super fun time!

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3Leonards said...

I've seen this ad many times too and thought the same thing - it's SO WEIRD! :)

Hope your eggs turned out good.