Friday, October 31, 2008

Super Duper Halloween!

So today was Halloween and what a blast it was - start to finish.

At work we have a tradition of dressing up as a department so we chose The Flintstones... I was Bam Bam, out of the gang I think Alicia was the best in her Wilma costume - so much fun...

Beside the fun factor of dressing up like kids, there are awesome prizes involved in putting the effort into your costume - it happens that this year (for the first time ever) my department won first prize, lunch on the company at PF Chang's... mmmm Candied Walnut shrimp here I come! Barb's department was 5 chili dogs... hmmm... well she looked cute...

Speaking of prizes - angry pumpkin (the only entry) won first prize also for the pumpkin carving contest... $25 at Edwards Theaters

After work I headed to the church for the annual harvest festival - AKA - the get your kids off the street for some amazing super fun time at the church! It was a great turn out -

this year again my small group served in the food booth, Lisa and Doug even helped out - the team effort blessed many hungry families and me... I love it when my group is together, it's like the culmination of God's plan for us - even though I know God has called her to Tanzania... I missed Carley...

Lots of kids from my sunday school class showed up - they were so cute... Sheri and the kids were of course there and Nicole and Micah even brought Kaitlyn by (forgot to get a picture with them)

I went home exhausted but with a full heart - what a fun day!

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Carley said...

What? No costumes this year?

:) Missed you guys too!