Friday, December 28, 2007

Sin City Christmas!?! Almost!

OK so not the most Christ-centered place to spend Christmas - thank God we decided to leave on Christmas eve and not stay-

The trip was awesome though - Dad got us all tickets to see Purdue play basketball and the games were a blast - good family time. We invited my Dad's manager from the store Carmen and her husband Doug along for the trip too - everyone enjoyed.

This time we stayed at the Rio - I had never been there before just seen it from the freeway but I have to say it was one of the nicest hotels in Vegas I have stayed in. We were in the old tower which had been totally renovated and the rooms were beyond posh. To boot the buffet downstairs was awesome! Crab, shrimp, salad, Asian food, taco bar, breads, pasta, desserts, ham, prime rib, all you can drink champagne! I was in hog heaven.

The second night after the game I met up with Mimi (she was in town) and her sister and some debbie downer girl. We hit the strip for some gambling, drinking, and tried to dance at this club at Ceaser's but this large group of Asian line dancers dominated the floor - (hmmm - yes that's what I said; a large group of Asian line dancers) It was an fun night! I don't get out to party much anymore at my ripe old age so it was nice to feel young and cool; even if it was only for one night.

We packed up early on Christmas eve and hit the road - (THANK GOD) the thought of actually spending Christmas in Vegas didn't really appeal to me - but I didn't want to be the party pooper...

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3Leonards said...

I hope Debbie Downer isn't one of your readers. Wait, I'm the only one who reads your blog though... so you should be OK. :)