Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cake Balls...

I got this idea from The Pioneer Woman. Instead of cookies or fudge Shel and I decided to make cake balls for Christmas this year - Yea Cake Balls!

You start by baking some cakes, then you crumble them to pieces.

Next you toss in 3/4 tub of frosting and mix it well.

You will have a glob of cake a frosting that feels gross on your hands.

Then you roll the cake into balls and freeze them.

After an hour you melt some chocolate - we used holiday green and red

Then using a lollipop stick you dunk the balls in the chocolate to seal the tasty little treat!
You lay them on waxed paper overnight to harden and your all set! W made 120... fun and messy!


3Leonards said...

But are they yummy??

And Shelly is all tatted up! :) Whose portrait is that o her forearm? Micah is getting 2 new tats next week: Kait's handprints on his chest.

Hays Family said...

So what do they taste like? Are they good?

Lee Jones said...

That is VERY interesting! I'll have to tell Cathy about that.

RE: Tats, I'm too chicken for that.