Saturday, December 13, 2008

Deep fried raviolis!?!

So my work Christmas party extravaganza was this week and before the big fancy dinner there were various activities to choose from - I opted for the cooking lessons... We went to Roman Cucina a very nice Italian place where the chef/owner showed us how to prepare 3 recipes. My favorite of them was the deep fried raviolis. There were deliciously amazing so I had to make them for Carmen Saturday at work.

Basically you take some yummy store bought uncooked raviolis and soak them in buttermilk for about a half hour.
Then you coat them in Italian style bread crumbs.

Into the fryer they go for about 2 min

I topped them with some marinara sauce - I should have used some Parmesan cheese, but oh well - they were crunchy and delicious - I will definitely make these again!

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