Monday, April 7, 2008


Or for you Lee: 壽司師父

Yes - I am now the self proclaimed Sushi Master. After much Internet exploration and a trip to my local Asian market I have mastered the fine art of making makizushi - or rolls.

First you start out with a sheet of yummy seaweed paper:
Then you place sticky rice and yummy things inside
(the first one I made was tempura chicken, carrots, zucchini, and spicy kung pao sauce)
Then you use your handy dandy sushi rolling mat and roll it up!
Then you slice it and eat it!

Super fun time! and ohh so yummy! The second roll was with avacado and crab:



3Leonards said...

If I liked sushi, I'd say you should invite us over to your place for dinner. :)

Well, you can make something else and still invite us over for dinner. It's your turn this time. Hey, and maybe we can rent a scary movie again! LOL!

Lee Jones said...

I still remember that time we went to sushi and nobody in the sushi bar spoke English, just Japanese. That was fun (and a few years ago).

We'd loved to share sushi again with you, mighty sushi mastah!