Saturday, May 3, 2008

The original reason for the hens

So the whole reason I was looking for Cornish game hens was that my Dad got me the rotisserie kit for my BBQ for my birthday and I was super excited to try it out. So after the difficulties with the first batch I finally got some reasonably priced hens at Albertsons on Sunday. They were marinated in a yummy sauce of some kind and I could not wait to grill them.

I carefully arranged them on the rotisserie (after stabbing my finger with the spokes: OUCH!) and I let them spin for about 40 min.

They came out crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside... mmm I want to try BBQ flavored chicken next!


3Leonards said...

Yum! So when are we invited over to dinner??? You've been over here... I think it's your turn now! :)

Lee Jones said...

You live WAY to far away for me to be reading all of this...