Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Horrible Misunderstanding...

I got a text while I was out of town:

"Bryan I am so sorry to hear about your Dad; let me know if there is anything I can do"

As I am reading this the phone rings, it's Sandy from chuch...

"Bryan; I talked to Vickie... are you OK?"

What are you talking about?

"Oh no..." (silence)

"Sandy! Should I call my sister? What is going on?"

(more silence) (sniffling)

by this time I am shaking thinking my dad is dead or hurt or something so I pull over and while shaking profusely dial my dads cell phone...

"Hello there!"

"Oh my God - Dad! Are you OK!?!?"

"No! I'm not OK, the city came to the store and took the trash dumpster! I paid the bill but they said they didn't get the check..."

"Bursting into tears/laughter - Dad the church thinks your dead"

"Dead?!? No, just mad about the dumpster..."

many corrective conversations ensued after that...

Apparently someone called the church named Bryan asking about funeral arrangements for his father and they thought it was me... for the love of... what a horrible misunderstanding...


3Leonards said...

This may be the funniest post EVER. OK, OK, it sucked big time when you thought your dad had died. But this line made me almost fall out of my chair:

"Dad, the church thinks you're dead!"

Still, I laugh as I type it. It's the funniest line!!

But, wow - talk about jumping to conclusions, Pastor Dave & Sandy. Geez.

Shelz said...

oh my!oh my!

Hays Family said...

I can't believe it, what a terrible feeling! Glad everything is ok!

Lee Jones said...

Yeah, that would freak me out, too. Glad you are safe.

Hm... someone needs to update the church about followup calls, unless the other Bryan also has your last name...