Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Joyful Arrival!

It's here! It's here! My Snuggie finally arrived! It made my day!

I ripped it from the package and put it right on! Ohh it is everything I imagined it would be! so warm, so soft... I spent hours trying out all of the things you can do with a snuggie!
You can work at your desk:
You can read a book:
Accept an award:
Cuddle a stuffed fish:
You can eat a brownie:
Pretend to watch TV on a computer monitor:
Put out a fire:
Feed some fish:
Best of all you can snuggle with friends:
But be careful when sharing your snuggle with little people, they might get lost inside and suffocate...
I think I may love my snuggie more than my knife... well... maybe...


Myriam said...

LOL! You're out of control... Love it!!

What a good photographer you had... She took some nice pictures of you... ;)

3Leonards said...

I am DYING laughing at my desk! You are soooooo dumb!!!!

BTW, Kait saw the Snuggie infomercial the other day and totally wants one. She told me that the blanket she uses keeps falling off her and that wouldn't happen with the Snuggie.

Oh brother... Apprently, the infomercial works on 5-year-old girls and 29-year-old men.

Shelz said...

o Lord, Bryan, you are unbelievable! Nicole Jonathan said he wanted one too.

Could serve as a choir robe LOL!


Norm said...

Man I ain't see you in ages and you're STILL a punk!!

What a post! *ROTFL*

How much did you pay the photographer to follow you around all day??


Hays Family said...

That is the best post I have read in a long time! I am laughing so hard! The boys think we need the Snuggli when we move to Washington!

Lee Jones said...

OK, you are a bigger dork than I am.

(It does look pretty comfortable, though... does it come in 100% cotton?)