Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trip to Tokyo...

We took of yesterday from LAX for Japan… The 747 was the biggest plane I have ever been on!

The service on Singapore Airlines was superb. They catered to our every need throughout the entire flight. During the 11 hour flight they brought us:
Hot Towels and earphones
Toothbrushes and Socks
A Snickers Bar
Lunch: Fried rice and chicken, vegetables, sushi rolls, bread & butter, Ice Cream tea and water
Chips & Apples
Another Drink
Another Snickers Bar
Orange Juice & Coffee
Dinner: Macaroni and Beef with cream sauce, fruit, bread & butter
Tea and Water
And another Hot Towel

The entertainment on the flight was great – 99 channels to watch. We arrived safely at the Tokyo Narita Airport(Tokyo outskirts) and shipped our bags up to the resort where we will arrive the next day this is typical in Japan as you cannot take your luggage on the subways here…
We spent the night in a really nice hotel for a good nights rest…


3Leonards said...


Myriam said...

Nice hotel!! Two Snicker bars on one flight? I would've been bouncing all around that plane. :)

Nozomi Johnston said...

Glad you enjoyed Singapore Airlines! I'm a fan myself! It was so much fun to welcome you guys at the airport!