Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fabulous... er unfabulous Laughlin Nevada

So my glamorous work travels this week brought me to lovely Bullhead City, Arizona (don't worry I watched for cops the whole time)... Just to be safe I stayed across the river in hi-brow Laughlin Nevada... I remembered as a kid this place being so cool and glitzy... now a days it resembles a retirement community... the hotels are run down and dirty... I saw an awesome skunk outside my hotel, then a cute pair of roaches as I waited for the elevator... awesome!

The room at the Aquarius with it's high rise view of the Colorado River was pretty OK

and there were enough national chain restaurants to keep me happy with food and within weight watchers standards... I did win about $150 in the casino downstairs... but, thank God I leave tomorrow for Vegas with Dad... should be an awesome weekend of bowling and fun...

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