Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Han·ford Cal·i·for·nia

I know - I had to map quest it. Basically you leave LA and head for Fresno - once you smell cow and produce you make a left, past the rural farms of the lovely San Joaquin Valley you enter the lively town of Hanford California. I was actually surprised to find a super wal-mart, Target, and the Hanford Mall all within a few blocks of my hotel.

Ahh my hotel - now I have stayed in dumps before but I think this place takes the cake. There was two choices in town - the 30+ year old Comfort Suites (not a brand I frequent) or the independent Sequoia Inn. Yet again based on misleading pictures and reviews on the Internet I chose the Sequioia Inn; BIG MISTAKE. I have been smoke free for over 130 days now and the hotel was completely mixed smoking and non. Even though my room was non smoking, the room across from me was a smoking room and the hallway had a nice hazy looming cloud due to lack of ventilation. I figured it wasn't that bad, I would just open the slider and allow the fresh air to come in... and By fresh I am referring to the onion farm/dairy aroma that wafting in. Not to mention the lovely sound 10 perky pigeons perched on my patio. Upon further investigation of the hotel I discovered the cluster of bee hives wedged into the top of the eves - what a palace.

Now even though the town was laden with big name chain restaurants - they still had the small town feel. I wasn't sure if people realized I was "not from around here" or they generally give horrible service but I don't recall one great meal the whole time I was in town.

I was glad to be on my way out of that desolate place-

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