Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey Day!

So both of my thanksgiving celebrations came out great! I decided to set the table this year to free up space on the buffet line and we cut a few dishes from the menu which worked out super! Everyone ate till they were full and we had very little left over... well except for my disastrous stuffing. The stuffing that was inside the bird was moist and delicious but the residual that was in the pan with juices was dry and tasteless...

I was happy with the Turkey - it was very moist and delicious... Shel is going to make turkey soup out of it... sounds yummy!

Everyone said they had a good time - (there was no fighting or death) so I will chalk it up to another successful celebration - I was Happy...

Funny thing - this Sunday Pastor Rob was talking about living a life of Thanksgiving and the difference between happiness and joy. Happiness comes from happenings like a successful dinner or visiting with friends and family, where joy comes from the Lord - I really had to chew on that for a while to soak it in. Even though my family drove me crazy over the holidays and I put on a happy face for the time spent - I have true joy because of what Christ has done for me on the cross... hard to remember sometimes when we have so much going on... But I will try to be more joyful and moderately happy for the rest of this season.

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