Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wonderful Family Weekend!

This weekend Aunt Jane and Uncle Charlie came out from Florida to visit. Jane helped Lisa pick out her wedding dress. The girls were shopping all weekend. On Friday Doug and I took Uncle Charlie and my little buddy Bryce to Bass Pro Shop. Bryce got to pick out a present for his 5th birthday (a 5 foot long stuffed snake) while the men looked at boats and hunting gear... grrr, yerrrr arrrgggg <=Manly man sounds
Seems like in between shopping, church and naps all we did was eat. Then we ate, and after that it was time to eat again. We took them for sushi, Mimi's Cafe, steak at Dad's, taco salads at Lisa's, and BBQ chicken at my place. It is such a blessing to be around family - as I get older I realize how important relationships with others are, especially family! These pictures are from the dinner at my house Doug's parents and Uncle Ron were able to come up for BBQ also - everyone had a real nice time.

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