Thursday, July 26, 2007

Alone? Maybe!

It occurred to me as I was checking over my 6 missed calls and 5 voice mails yesterday that maybe I should just be alone. I am way more productive, and everything stays cleaner when there are not others around to mess things up. I think I will look into living on a desert island - maybe get a little shack with high speed Internet and a comfy bed.
Seriously I don't think I am the kind of person who is cut out for marriage or kids. I will end up being everyone notoriously single friend. You know the one - every time you think of some ugly or lonely girl you say to them - hey so and so is single - wink wink - I could hook you guys up. Its not that I care either way - I really have in the back of my mind the ideal spouse... she has to have a rockin bod, be hilarious, successful, and probably not want kids. Sad to say I am obsessed with body image, cleanliness and nice things. Not to say that I don't love the Lord and all he teaches, but I enjoy comfortable, clean, and pretty things. I could not deal with a dirty house, or an unatractive wife or messy kids throwing food on the floor. Yea yea, I know what your saying, kids are an amazing blessing, bla bla bla - that's why I have friends - so I can play with their messy kids, then be on my way when they get grouchy or sticky.

So I am off to San Diego for work on Monday - that should be fun, I need to get out of here and the house... a change of pace and good food on the company dime is always nice. Hopefully its not too hot down there...

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Myriam said...

You're crazy! :) Sorry, my can of soup only filled you up for an hour.... :P