Monday, September 10, 2007


So I LOVE, not like, not enjoy, LOVE Souplantation...

Barb, Mimi and I went there for lunch today... it was so yummy!

We are all members of Club Veg - so we got a new coupon e-mailed to us this morning. Barb drove and Mimi rode shot gun.

I had two delicious plates of salad - the usual - (red leaf lettuce, green bell pepper, mushrooms, olives, eggs, ranch, tuna tarragon and their delicious cheese foccacia dipped in balsamic vinegar) They also had my favorite soup today - cream of mushroom! it was soooooooooo good, but now I am full -

I think I need a latte to perk me up... Mimi and Barb enjoyed too...

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