Monday, September 10, 2007

Trip to Lubbock Texas

So - because I have a totally glamorous job I get to work all over the country. I went to Texas a few weeks ago. My trip reminded me why I don't live there anymore.

I started my adventure in Lubbock - talk about a dumpy city - all of the streets were torn up with construction and the Whataburger by my hotel sucked. I drove up to the drive thru window after a long day at work and ordered a Whatachicken. The girl at the window said with her cute little twang - "we dont have no whatachickens right now, they's fixin it up right now - be just a moment" so I waited like 15 min for a burnt chewy Whatachicken. The funny thing was that she never asked me to pull forward or come inside or anything, she just made the 4 cars behind me wait for their food too - ahhh gotta love apathetic Texas service.

My hotel (Holiday Inn Towers) was a dump too (never trust the jerks on yahoo travel) the maid apparently emptied all the trash for the floor and changed a bunch of sheets and what not and left it outside my door for not one, but two days - plus I don't think they had AC in the common areas, it was kinda sticky and swampy in the hallways... nice...

I was glad to move on to Amarillo...

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