Monday, October 15, 2007

Bass Pro Shop!

WOW WOW! what a place! So sunday after church I took my little buddy Bryce to check out the bass pro shop... He is 4... I have never seen such a place in my life. We got in the boats and played with all the switches and opened all the cabintets. Looked at the camping stuff, went in all the tents, played with the BBQs, tried out the crossbows, looked at the fish in the huge tank. Bryce drug me around the store for over 2 hours. He is such a great kid and we had a blast.

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3Leonards said...

We still haven't made it over there yet... Guess we should soon. I hear all kinds of great stuff about it.

Hey - is that a Christmas tree in the 2nd pic?? It's October for goodness sakes!