Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Vegas and Famous Daves

So I spent the week in Vegas (well Summerlin) and it was ok. The courtyard was clean and good Internet access so I couldn't complain. I did discover my new favorite BBQ restaurant (sorry Coulter's) right next to the hotel was a Famous Dave's BBQ Restaurant. The staff was so well trained. They asked us when we sat down if we had ever been there before... when we responded no the server took us on a "tour of the menu" explaining everything. It was refreshing to see people who actually care about their job. I went with the Dave's Sampler (I now think probably meant for two) It came with ribs, buffalo wings, catfish, chicken strips, fries, and green beans. Not to mention the variety of 6 sauces in a cool little rack on each table. I was in hog heaven and my stomach paid the price later that night! but YUM - so worth it!

The rest of my trip was uneventful - I did go check out the new Planet Hollywood casino (really they just slapped a new sign on the Aladdin) - nice place - I might stay there next time I get to town so I can try to get back the $120 I left on the craps table...

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