Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 3 in Honduras

Day three began as the others with everyone in good spirits. I went ahead of the team to buy ice and help set up the kitchen for breakfast. Once that was done I jumped right in with the construction. I helped add a layer of bricks all around before breakfast. We got the treat of delicious fluffy pancakes with butter and syrup for breakfast – really delicious, thanks to the sisters. As the day progressed layer after layer of bricks got staked and mortared. One of the local pastors from another church brought a ton of extra people to help today so the work went quick and the walls grew taller right before our eyes. Everyone helped out, even the kids!
Many of us got to take part in some of the other responsibilities around the site, some washing dishes, others making more tortillas. Great progress was made on the building today as the final layer was stacked. Tomorrow we look forward to the mortar drying and the columns getting solidified. Please pray for Danielle as she is ill and had to go back to the hotel to rest today.


Carley said...

Sounds like you're all having a great time! Your hat is awesome! :)

3Leonards said...

Thanks for the updates! Looks like everything is going well. :)

I really like that picture of the lady on your team making a tortilla and laughing. It's beautiful!

Sorry to hear you puked. In front of everybody?

Lee Jones said...

man it is just springing up!