Friday, July 11, 2008

Day two in Honduras

Everyone woke this morning in high spirits and ready to work again especially me! We had an awesome time of devotion in the morning before we set out for the day’s work. The skies were a bit sunny in the morning which means it was HOT! The lovely women in the kitchen served us scrambled eggs and rice for breakfast.

After the quick break we got straight to work with “bucket brigades” where we lined up and passed bucket after bucket of cement to move it from the mixing spot to the area it was needed. The method actually makes it easier on the team as a whole. As the heat of the day set in we were constantly reminded to drink water which if we were taking enough had us visiting the outhouse, the very small outhouse. The women made us a fantastic lunch of beef in sauce; rice and salad with tartar sauce, yes – tartar sauce. As lunch was being prepared many of the team members took turns making tortillas with the sisters.

On the job we saw the next few layers of brick go up and the building really start to take shape. The cool of the afternoon brought a couple refreshing rain showers.

After the work day we met inside the existing church building for a worship service. One of the guys translated as Pastor Ramon, Tino, and Humberto brought prayer, praises and a message from the psalms talking about togetherness. Being able to worship with two nations, two languages under one God in one building was just Awesome! Praise God we are all having a wonderful time.

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