Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 6

Today was another glorious day under the Honduran sun. There were very few clouds early on in the day so we ate our sausage and bean (of course I didn’t eat the beans) breakfast in the heat of the morning. Today was the day that the trusses went up. As a team we carried all seven of them up from their resting place to the church. It took a minimum of 10 people to carry each of them.

As we slid them in the side door one end went up top, then the other. I was the lucky duck perched on the top of the wall receiving the truss as it came up. I would navigate it into place then secure it with rebar ties and nails. Yuk I look dirty in those pictures!

One by one they were secured across the top of the building.

Today was day 3 of VBS and we had over 85 kids today. Again laughter and fun ensued as we all sang praises to the Lord.

As the end of the day came many of us leveled, and re-leveled the interior floor as others above hammered the sheet metal roof into place. We left the site with about 4 sheets to go on the roof and the floor pretty close to level. A cool rain poured over the terrain as we rode home exhausted.

Tomorrow we look forward to the concrete floor getting poured and the last day of VBS with the goodie bag distribution. I am really having a great time – everything is such a challenge but God is really sustaining me…

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Anonymous said...

Bryan, what a great accomplishment so far, the church is coming to life! Prayers are with you and all. (are you sure your not auditioning for survivor?)
take care, Cindy