Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 5

Today was a short day on the job site but truly one full of blessings! We started out with a delicious breakfast of fritas (sweet crunchy fried discs) which were awesome.

Then we had day two of our VBS. This time we sent the van out into the area and an hour later it came back PACKED with kids. Today’s count was 71 kids total. We did more singing, dancing, and praising the Lord!
At noon time we went out in groups to the various houses of the congregation to be served a meal in the member’s homes. The houses varied from one with satellite TV and an indoor bathroom to a tent deep in the jungle. The house I went to was the tent in the jungle – truly amazing! After we ate what I think was pork and rice we ventured off into the jungle to a little river. Looking up from the river area the vegetation was so thick you could not see daylight – it was breathtaking.
On the job site we saw the corners of the building take shape, the floor get leveled and the peaks of the roof go up.

Tonight we go to church in Tocoa which should be great, well except when they ask us to sing… hmmm…

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