Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We're Off!

So I am on the way to Honduras! Finally... I have been preparing for this trip for what seems like forever. I am with the other 15 members of the team in the international terminal at LAX enjoying my last Starbucks for 13 days (I may die due to lack of decent coffee)...
Our flight leaves at 1:40am for San Salvador, El Salvador. From there we transfer to Honduras. We should arrive early tomorrow morning. THANKS AGAIN for all your prayers and financial contributions!

Check out the team tee shirt I designed... pretty cool hua?


Myriam said...

I'm sure you're there by now, if not soon. Hope you arrive(d) safe.

Miss you already at work. Too quiet around here, but thanks for all the work you left for me to stuff into the boxes ;)

Sheri said...

Just finished reading the church update...glad you guys made it safely!! The kids and I are praying for you!!

Lee Jones said...

be safe... post when you return, OK?

Barb said...

Hey Bryan,

Hope you are well and safe. Miss you and your usual antics. Oh, by the way, are you "fighting fire with fire". Ha ha, I win for this week. LOL