Friday, July 11, 2008

First Day in Honduras!

So we finally made it to Honduras! After about 6 hours of travel time we landed in San Pedro Sula. After a long line in customs then sifting through the baggage to get our stuff we met out front at our van and truck. Stacking the luggage was no small feat! We had to fit 36 bags of clothes and supplies into the bed of a compact truck. Then we piled 14 of us into a van that we would consider in the US a mini van.

After a quick stop at Burger King we started our trek across the country. It took us about 5 hours to travel to the town of Saba and el Hotel Ejucutivo “The Executive Hotel.” After a nice meal of fried chicken and fries we settled in for some long overdue rest. Most of us slept very well due to lack of sleep over the past days…

In the morning of day one on the job site we headed out to the village of Planes where we are building the church. As we pulled up we could see existing building which stood facing the street. Upon closer inspection the cracks and termites destroying the structure became more noticeable. It was obvious God had sent us to replace the old building, and it looked like just in time. The nationals on the site had already dug the trenches for the foundation which were ready to receive cement. In Honduras they pour the foundation in a square box around the perimeter of the building rather than a slab like we are more accustom to in the US. We began by mixing the cement with shovels.

The women of the Planes church and a different church in another area organized feeding us. They whipped up corn flakes and coffee for our first meal on the site and it was a welcome meal. As the day progressed we got a lot of work done under cloudy skies which kept us nice and cool. After a lunch of spaghetti with meat sauce the sun did come out and it warmed up quite a bit. Most of the day was spent putting the rebar that would anchor the walls and corners of the building together. However as the day closed we did see the foundation finished and the first layer of bricks go down. I had to leave the working a little early as I was busy vomiting my entire insides out. I don’t know what got into me but it was not staying and I was glad to let it out! After my embarrassing puke exhibition I slept all afternoon through the night till the next morning. Not to worry I woke up the next day feeling like a million bucks! Praise God for a successful first day and for getting my sickness out early in the trip!

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Lee Jones said...

Glad to see you're off to an interesting start!