Friday, July 4, 2008


So I got back from Tucson. Another boring work trip in a glamorous city. I stayed in the Residence Inn on the east side of town (only because it was cheaper than the courtyard which is my favorite) And actually the courtyard in Tucson is pretty old. I was pleasantly surprised with the residence inn. I guess people live there for extended amounts of time so there was a full kitchen with dishes and utensils etc. and a separate bedroom. Nice little place - very clean, I will stay there again.

I rented some piece of crap Chrysler that had a malfunctioning trunk, as I would be driving down the road the trunk would pop open which would cause everyone to pull up alongside me and yell "hey your trunk is open" (fun times). The kid at Thrifty didn't seem to care when I turned the car in either...

So today is the fourth of July and I have to work at my Dads. I have not been helping him out for a long time so today he was short of staff and I agreed to work.

I am in the midst of the last minute shopping and packing for my Honduras trip, I cant believe I leave in 4 days - seems like it snuck up quick. I have a ton of work to do from the office before I can leave; not what I wanted to do over the weekend, but I am thankful I have a job - two people I know recently lost theirs and I seriously doubt unemployment would cover my mortgage.

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