Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 7

Today was a day of completion both for the building and the VBS. We started the morning with a delicious breakfast of beans, scrambled eggs, cheese and tortillas. Then we got to work mixing “mezcla.” Bucket after bucket after bucket got filled and passed into the church as we began to see the floor get poured. They started in the morning with the altar area. Once the altar was filled they poured the right side of the building, then the left. The technique was interesting. They laid two 2X4s down on the floor and poured the cement into the space between. Then they skimmed the top to flatten the concrete and smooth the surface. They went over it additional times to make sure it was smooth. As a decorative touch they sprinkled yellow dye crystals over the floor and worked them into the concrete mix.

The sisters made us deliciously crunchy fried fish fillets for lunch today. They were served with rice, salad and sauce. I made fish tacos out of mine and they were bomb! They work so hard to feed so many of us.

While people were finishing their food I got out some bubbles I brought with me and the kids that were around had fun trying to catch them…

In the afternoon we did the final day of VBS and OH WHAT A DAY! We had 106 kids show up for the service where again we sang, danced, did crafts, and heard a couple puppet stories. The second story was about how people go about accepting Christ as their savior. To solidify the teaching we asked Pastor Lucas to explain in more depth what it meant to become a child of God. Then he made an altar call and almost 40 children accepted Christ on the spot – PRAISE GOD – It was a beautiful site. After we were done we gave the kids their goodie bags and sent them on their way. They were thrilled to see their prizes inside the bags.
Today the Lord moved in awesome ways and even though my body is so tired my heart was full.


Anonymous said...

Okay, in the past 7 days I've read about nothing but your exciting times in Hondurs. Your posts are F-A-R from "boring".

I propse that when you get home you change you blong name! :)


Barb said...

What an exciting experience! Glad you are doing what's in your heart. Miss you lots. Work isnt as exciting. See you next week

3Leonards said...

Praise God!! I imagine that was one of the best parts of the whole trip.