Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 4 on the site

Everyone woke up feeling good this morning. We had a busy day of making “mezcla” or hand mixed cement then filling the molds for the pillars. Only four days ago we were securing the rebar towers. Now wooden planks were attached to both the inside and outside of the building around the rebar and we simply poured the cement in between them to anchor and solidify the corners. This took many bucket lines.

We also got to see the altar started on the inside.

It is amazing to imagine the work God is going to do in this building over the years to come and astounding to think that each of us to took part in building it – Gloria a Dios! (a common phrase here meaning glory to God).

For lunch the sisters served awesome ham steaks, rice, plantain, salad and tortillas. They are a hard working team of women who keep everyone on the site well fed!

Today was also the start of vacation bible school for the kids: one of the reasons I love this trip! Before the kids began to arrive I had to put the puppet stage together which was probably the hardest thing I have done so far! Ummm where are the instructions???

When it was done both Noah and I were very happy!

We had about 30 or so kids come and Katie & I led singing, dancing, crafts, prayers and a story – all by the grace of God. The story of Noah and the ark was performed by the puppets and the kids giggled, laughed and jumped all over when the puppets talked – it was such a blessing to see.

After a nice dinner in town we were invited to a church service in Cuaca. It was a regional meeting of the women’s group from each of the Baptist churches in the area. We worshiped God among hundreds of our brothers and sisters in Spanish – truly a lovely way to end the day.


Anonymous said...

Looks like hard and very rewarding work...I loved the pictures of ther children!! Great Puppet show!

Stacy said...

Thanks for sharing the awesome work God is doing through you! Praying everything continues to go well. :)

3Leonards said...

It's amazing how quickly that church building went up!

Gloria a Dios is right!

Myriam said...

Great pictures! Good to hear everything is going well. I hope you continue to have a great trip.